Extreme Sports


Suspend yourself on ropes and slowly descend parallel to a waterfall. Canyoneering is an extreme sport for the traveler who wants a thrilling experience. The rush of waters provides that extra difficulty to make this activity exciting. The height of the waterfall also provides a technical challenge for the daredevil in you.


Rappelling is so much better when done on real cliffs. A 15 min., 359-m. trek from Gota will bring you to G-Peak, where you can rappel 65-m. down. You might not exactly want to go all the way down though because the view of Caramoan from G-Peak is so heavenly, you’ll think you’re already in paradise. If you’re looking for additional thrill, the high walls of Omang-cave awaits you. It does not have G-Peak’s view but if you only seek the adrenaline rush, then it’s the perfect spot.

Cliff Diving

Feel the thrill as you jump off cliffs and into the sea. Seize the moment of that few seconds of free fall with nothing but the wind on your face. That lack of air in your lungs. There’s probably nothing more exhilarating than cliff diving. The Cagliog Cliff, a 45-50 foot tall cliff, and The Langkipaw Cliff, standing 17-23 feet depending on the tide are the perfect spots to experience this.


Explore the caves scattered all around CamSur. See bats, insects, and immaculate rock formations that will surely satisfy the adventurous you. If you’re a spelunking enthusiast or one that enjoys discovering caves, you’ll surely get a kick out of the caves in CamSur. We’ll also provide travel guides to make sure your trips are safe.