Waterfall Adventure

Chase waterfalls and submerge yourself to its heavy current. Here you can trek and hike while experiencing the serene feeling of the greenery environment as you discover the picturesque hidden falls of CamSur. Take a trip in various falls like slide waterfalls in Pili, Itbog Falls in Buhi, Kawa-kawa Falls, Tumaguite Falls, and Bulalacao Falls at Consocep. Take your time to set-up your own picnic area.

Deer Farm

Animal lover or not, you will not be able to resist the quiet charm of a deer. Situated at the foothills of Mt. Isarog is a sanctuary home to Australian breed of deer at Ocampo, Camarines Sur. Experience deer farm up close by interacting with the deer through feeding them. Wave your weed’s branch and they would gladly race to you.

Underground River Exploration

Be one with nature by exploring the hidden gems of Libmanan. Prepare your trekking shoes and swimming gear, as you experience the challenge of trekking on various rock formations and the raging waters of the river course. Our trained personnel will guide you in exploring its untouched and pristine waters.


Explore the caves scattered all around CamSur. See bats, insects, and immaculate rock formations that will surely satisfy the adventurous you. If you’re a spelunking enthusiast or one that enjoys discovering caves, you’ll surely get a kick out of the caves in CamSur. We’ll also provide travel guides to make sure your trips are safe.