5 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Take a Vacation

It’s not a want—it’s a need. So stop whatever you’re doing and book that trip ASAP

As people get consumed by the demands of having a job (and keeping it, too) and living comfortably, they invest more time at work instead of finding purpose in life at the same time. Have you also placed taking a breather low on your priority list? Don’t worry; you can always restart with a much-deserved vacation. Here are reasons you shouldn’t overlook:

1. It relieves stress.
Achieving work-life balance seems like climbing the Everest nowadays. Fight burnout by regularly going on a vacation. It doesn’t have to be a month-long hiatus; even taking a day or two off to focus on doing the things you’re passionate about can already reduce a significant amount of stress. Yes, looking forward to Mondays again is possible!

2. It boosts productivity and creativity.
Slaving yourself at work causes fatigue that leads to sickness. It results in making poor decisions, too. When you take time off, you see things clearly and return to work refreshed with energy and positive ideas. This increases your ability to think creatively because exploring other places outside of the office encourages your mind to be playful.

3. It opens you to fresh perspectives.
Traveling is an excellent opportunity to see the world in a different view. With so many options to spend a vacation, be it a quick trip to a museum, some days off to the countryside, or a few weeks in an exotic country, you are offered new cultures to get immersed in, magnificent sites to behold, and wonderful strangers who can inspire you to reflect on what truly makes you happy.

4. It rekindles relationships.
No matter how unintentional, a busy routine tends to take loved ones for granted. A vacation gives you a moment to appreciate those who give meaning to your daily life. Relax by the beach with family or discover uncharted paths with your barkada. Also, don’t forget to reconnect with yourself—after all, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important of all. Give yourself peace of mind by going to your happy place where you can just ward off all the stress and negativity that’s been weighing you down.

5. It gets you out of your comfort zone.
Whenever you feel stuck in a boring routine or exhausted in the daily rat race, going on an adventure is an instant cure. Do something that excites, or better yet, scares you. Experiencing something for the first time is healthy for the mind because it challenges you to think beyond your usual work requirements. It’s good exercise, too—getting out of your desk and exploring destinations other than the corners of the office is already a fantastic start.