5 Tips for Traveling with a Group

Go on a hassle-free vacation with your favorite people—keep these helpful tricks in mind

Traveling with a group means getting a chance to make wonderful memories with your loved ones. In reality though, it also means creating conflicts that extend beyond your vacation. Fights over itinerary, hotel expenses, and time management can turn fun into stress easily.

Despite possible hassles, you shouldn’t hesitate booking a trip soonest. With these tips, you can enjoy a relaxing getaway with family and friends (yes, it’s absolutely possible):

1. Let majority rule.

If there are seven people in your group, it’s pretty much impossible that everyone can get to do what they want especially on a short vacation. Democracy goes a long way, so have everyone pick a must-see site or a must-do activity and go with the choices that get the most votes.

2. Divide and conquer.

Most likely, small groups within your group will be formed based on shared interests and priorities. This actually makes traveling much efficient, so leave no room for FOMO. Some can head to a historical museum while the others check out the local shopping district. Just make sure to meet up at some point—eat dinner together to swap stories on how the day went.

3. Communicate.

Land and sea transfers may divide up a big group. Make sure everyone has a copy of the itinerary. Create a plan on where to meet in case you get separated unintentionally and there’s no signal in the area for chatting with the group online.

4. Include downtime in your itinerary.

Moving from one area to another and doing various activities with a group can get strenuous. Squeeze in some alone time within the day so everyone can do their own thing, like visiting a local café, watching a concert, or just lounging at the hotel. This is a good way to re-energize for the rest of the trip.

5. Opt for travel packages.

Traveling DIY-style is exciting when you go solo, but being with a group is a different story. Organized tours are your friend, as they save a lot of effort and money. Have a reliable travel group manage all the logistics for you—lodging, food, van and boat transfers, sports equipment, and tour guides—so you can enjoy the whole trip without having to worry about every small detail.

Exploring a new destination with a group can be challenging, but wise planning and openness to adventure result in the most incredible memories. When it comes to traveling, the more, the merrier, indeed.