6 Dos and Don’ts When Traveling with a Group

Leave home as friends and come back as adventure buddies. Here are tricks

Traveling is always good, but it’s even better to do it with friends. However, while they can make it an epic adventure, they can potentially ruin it as well. The last thing on your mind should be how to get a vacation out of your vacation. We’ve gathered some dos and don’ts that you should consider for an unforgettable trip (in a positive way, of course), so you can have a conflict-free quality time with your favorite group:

1.  Do set deadlines.
Being organized is key in trips that involve more people. Impose strict deadlines on payment to guarantee reservations are made on time. Plan early so everyone can mark financial commitments on their calendars.

2. Do impose a “me” time.   
Traveling together doesn’t require doing everything together.  Set a few hours to be alone per day to recharge the mind and the body. Filling in everyone on each other’s “me” time make for a good chat over dinner, too.

3. Do make room for adjustments.
Some travelers prioritize outdoor activities, while others are more into shopping. Avoid forcing a single itinerary on everyone. Instead, make suggestions on tweaking it to accommodate varied must-sees and must-dos, such as splitting up into small groups according to shared interests. Compromise and be flexible.

4. Don’t be too dependent.
Going with the flow is good, but sometimes, it puts a burden on your fellow travelers especially when making crucial decisions. Don’t be too laidback—even if you’re really down with whatever, make everyone feel that you’re willing to take part in doing things as a group.  

5. Don’t make decisions when you’re “hangry” or stressed.
Everyone gets cranky when they’re hungry, so leave decision-making after meals. Arguments start under stressful situations such as missing the train or getting to the airport, so don’t initiate serious conversations during these times.

6. Don’t assume everyone has the same budget.
A five-star hotel might sound great to some, but also consider that others might opt for a decent hostel instead. Find a middle ground that seems feasible for all. You can also consider an expert travel agency that not only minimizes costs but makes sure you can get the most out of your adventure the most hassle-free way possible.