7 Travel Souvenirs You Need to Start Collecting

Give fridge magnets and key chains a rest. Take home these fun souvenirs for your new collection

Traveling is a life experience that’s always heartwarming to remember. What better way to look back on your adventures than making souvenirs a part of your home? Decorate your nook with these creative items to grab on your next trips:  

1.  Postcards
Take at least one (or twenty!) per location. Cheap and lightweight, postcards make for an easy choice to start your souvenir collection with. Frame and hang them on the wall or get your artsy mode on—using wooden pegs, clip them on a rope string for a hippie vibe.

2. Patches
Get crafty by sewing patches of national flags, tourist attractions, and sports teams on your denim jacket. You may also leave some to stick on a felt board in your room.

3. Artworks
Turn your home into a mini-gallery. Grab an artwork from new places you visit and display them around your place. Choose different styles if you’re up for mixing and matching, or keep things streamlined by sticking to the same types of art.

4. Maps
Gather pretty maps that deserve a spot on your wall (those with a vintage style have a more charming appeal). Tip: choose a uniform color for the frames to help bring them all together.

5. Hats  
Pick a chic one that best represents a destination. Hang them on the wall like artwork, or gather them on a shelf to capture guests’ attention when you host a party at home.

6. Shot glasses
Avoid the cheesy factor by putting a spin to these potentially tacky items. Turn them into pots for plants such as low-maintenance succulents, air plants, or fresh herbs. Place some pebbles for additional layers.

7. Pins
Easy to find and affordable, retro-style pins are not only great accessories to put on your jacket—they double as quirky décor, too. Flaunt your full collection by using an embroidery hoop to gather each piece, then hang it on your wall.