Don’t Go on an Adventure without these Gadgets

Cool tools for a safer, hassle-free trip so you won’t miss out on anything

Excited about your new adventure? First on your checklist should be making sure you’ll have a smooth journey, so preparation is key. While most travelers go on vacation to get lost and reconnect with the world, packing gadgets in your bag make for a convenient trip minus worries, particularly in case of an emergency. So whether you’re off camping, riding waves, exploring the extremes (or all mentioned), take these items with you for an easier travel:

1.  Headlamp
Some hostels have a lights-off policy that can be earlier than your usual bedtime. Add to that roomies who can’t sleep when it’s not dark. Plug in your headlamp to read a book or plan your itinerary for the next day. Works best for camping trips, too.

2. Portable charger
You may be a master at reading maps, but getting to hole-in-the-wall locations can be like solving a puzzle. In this high-tech era, GPS is your friend. However, it can drain your phone battery, too—especially if you’re listening to the most fitting songs while in the mountains. Always carry a lightweight charger and make sure it’s fully charged so you’re ready all day.

3. Wireless speaker
You’re chilling at the beach with friends, the perfect playlist in your phone waiting to be heard. Music is life, so better share your tunes with a portable speaker. Turn your journey into an awesome sound trip, because the best travel memories are made even more unforgettable with tunes.   

4. Universal travel adaptor
This is not a problem during out-of-town trips, but when going abroad, it’s always safe to carry one to ensure your electronic devices are charged all the time. Voltage and outlets vary in other countries—pack a universal travel adaptor to plug your gadgets into a differently shaped outlet without ruining them.

5. Multisport watch
For someone who loves the outdoors, a multisport watch is a wise investment. Mixing style and function, it features a variety of tracking capabilities, as well as built-in GPS and smart notifications to cover you when you’re out for a challenging hike, intense swimming, or extreme sports.