Water Activities


Paddle across Caramoan’s pristine waters and bask in the wondrous scenery. Kayaking allows you to travel at your own pace as you visit the islands sans the noise of motorboats. The sparkling waters of CamSur make for perfect kayaking spots. In Caramoan alone, several kayaking trails are available with varying distance and difficulty.

Stand-Up Paddling

Travel from one island to another, cruise along the river or just enjoy going around a serene lake with just your paddle and paddleboard. Standing at your full height, you can bask in CamSur's picturesque landscape and be mesmerized by its dynamic marine life at the same time.


Be sure to pack your best swimwear before travelling to CamSur. With dozens of waterfalls and hot springs scattered across the province, there’s a great chance you will get wet anywhere you go. Practice your best strokes at the province’s pristine waters or simply bathe in the best of what nature has to offer. Are you up for it?


Snorkeling and diving affords you to encounter rich marine ecosystems face to face. In CamSur, there is no need for visitors to bring food to attract schools of fish and other marine creatures. There are islands suitable for the first time snorkelers, and for the more experienced scuba divers as well.